Charlotte NC Professional TV Mounting

The best part of buying a new television is seeing the finished product properly installed to create an amazing home theater.

To ensure that Charlotte NC residents fully enjoy their TV set up, it is important that televisions are wall mounted professionally. Our professionals will ensure your TV is securely mounted, whether it is flush against the wall, on an articulating arm, or tilted at an angle.

Infinite Designs' professional TV installers typically carry the full motion arm mounts and include them as well as all of other wall mounts in your installation fee; however, you can provide your own mount.

We can neatly conceal the cables in plastic casing called wiremold, or hide them vertically, depending on your preference. In many cases, we can hide the cables and install the boxes in a room or closet adjacent to your home theater area. To do this we use remote control extenders so that you can use your present remote to control your components with ease, even though the boxes are in another room.

We are also able to assist in the installation of floating shelves and other TV and home theater accessories.

For a basic installation, your TV can be up to 75 inches. Provided we are working with plaster, sheet rock, or dry wall, the cables can be concealed in the wall. Mounting a TV on brick, concrete, or stone will cost extra.

We are also able to assist in the installation of floating shelves and other TV and home theater accessories.

Your cables will be concealed in a plastic wire cover and attached to the wall. You can then paint the cover to match your wall or simply leave it white as is.

Infinite Designs also includes a heavy-duty steel wall mount in each package.

When mounting your TV to stone, brick, concrete, or fireplace wall there are more factors to consider.

First of all, it is more expensive because there is more labor and supplies involved. The wiring will be hidden within decorative molding, although there are some installations which will allow the wiring to be concealed within the wall.

Our TV wall mounts are perfect for any surface, whether your wall is dry wall, brick wall, sheet rock, stone, or concrete.

Your TV can be wall mounted to almost any wall material, and there is more than one way to connect your components to your TV.

You can opt for the basic package of concealing the wires behind a plastic wire cover (which covers about 6 feet of wire). Or opt for the deluxe package which conceals all of the wires in the wall.

With the deluxe package inwall wiring, you will get a clean, seamless look.

Infinite Designs will send one or two certified installers, depending on your TV size and the job that needs to be done. Your assigned installers will clean up any mess.

Before your installers arrive, ensure that you have all of the relevant accessories like any additional cables you may need concealed in the wall during the TV installation. If you need an articulating arm mount, please discuss this when you call to ensure our installer has the right equipment on arrival.

Additionally, you must ensure that there is a cable and power outlet close to the spot you want to mount your TV on. You should also have surge protectors and a media stand, or wall shelving, for the components.

All of our installers are industry certified, bonded, and insured, and subject to a background check and drug test before employment to ensure we provide you the best experience during your TV installation.

We offer high levels of customer service, and are willing to assist you with learning how to operate the TV and remotes. We are also able to provide you with the mind-blowing home theater setup of your dreams.

Or visit Infinite Designs to schedule your professional TV mounting service in the Charlotte NC area.